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Welcome to the Yoga Anatomy Training

This online training is specially designed as part of the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training programs at Tula Yogastudio’s. All Tula teacher training programs are registered at Yoga Alliance, which makes this anatomy training officially recognized as essential part of any 200hrs. yoga teacher training.

In this online training we will explore the basics of anatomy. By understanding how the human body moves and functions your asana (yoga pose) will improve. Besides that, you will be able to practice safely without harming your own body.

Having anatomical knowledge will not only improve your own asana, but also the practice of others if you are teaching yoga. You will become better in reading bodies and give personal advice to your students, which will elevate your teaching. With this anatomical knowledge you will be able to build up your yoga sequences in a structured way which also makes sense for the body. And, most important of all, you will be able to teach modifications of poses for people with injuries, physical challenges, or pregnant ladies for example.

All yoga teachers can benefit from following this training. It refreshes your anatomy knowledge, or will teach you new wisdom.
For aspiring yoga teachers this course will be a valuable addition to the training you’re currently following.

If you’re representing a yoga studio, or teach yoga teacher trainings yourself, you can integrate this anatomy course in your own training. For yoga studios and teacher trainer we have special pricing options when you want to receive multiple access logins for your students.

Of course you can also use this training as strong foundation for your own (home) yoga practice to make sure you practice safely.

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Ik volg al een aantal jaar lessen bij Lovely en ik ben ontzettend blij dat ze deze cursus heeft ontwikkeld. Zo kan ik altijd even nakijken hoe het ook alweer zat met een bepaalde houdingen. Het handboek werkt erg prettig. Dankjewel Lovely!
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Deze cursus zit boordevol aanmoediging tot zelf-liefde en zelf-zorg met een liefdevolle uitnodiging tot loslaten. Precies wat ik nodig had.
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Deze cursus heeft me geholpen in een periode waarin ik heel veel stress ervaarde. Ik vind het heel fijn dat er zoveel aandacht is gegeven aan de uitleg van de houdingen. Ook de themalessen zijn prettig waarin ik zelf heb ervaren wat de houdingen doen.

Get a sneak peek

The hip

Chapter 5.1 : The hip introduction

The shoulder

Chapter 9.4 : the Rotator Cuff

Breathing exercises

Chapter 11.3 : The breath

Meet your teacher

Viki and Simon

Viki Stelma-Boviatsis

Your trainer in this anatomy training is Viki Stelma-Boviatsis. Besides being the founder of Tula Yogastudio’s and Tula Yoga Online, Viki is a physical therapist and yoga teacher.

After a professional career in swimming Viki found yoga as a way to clear her mind and still be physical active. This resulted in practicing yoga for many years with amazing teachers. Since Viki always wants to immerse herself in the things she loves she joined teacher trainings in Anusara, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. Viki’s daily practice is Ashtanga yoga and besides the teacher trainings she has joined amazing Asthanga trainers around the world.

The combination of a strong yoga practice, her history as athlete, and interest in the human body made her decide to study physical therapy. Here she learned the clinical and scientific approach of looking at the human body.

Since 2016 Viki has taught the anatomy modules in multiple yoga teacher trainings at Tula where she has been able to share her experience in yoga and her study of the human body. Viki is a strong believer that functional knowledge of the human anatomy is essential for a safe personal practice, and even more so for being a great yoga teacher.

Therefore she has created the online anatomy course with even more detailed information for you to enjoy and to build your practice upon.

During the whole training Viki’s loyal assistant Simon will accompany her and help you understand the human body even better.

"functional knowledge of the human anatomy is essential for a safe personal practice, and even more so for being a great yoga teacher"

The anatomy training is divided in eleven chapters

Frequently asked questions

For all studio owners and teacher trainers we have special pricing options. Prices depend on the amount of subscriptions you need.

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